Кінотеатр ім.Коцюбинського
Venom (3D) Original version
США, 2018
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Ruben Fleischer
У ролях:
Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze
Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Kelly Marcel, Will Beall
112 хв.
з 18.10.2018 р. по 24.10.2018 р.
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While exploring space for new habitable worlds, a probe belonging to bioengineering corporation Life Foundation discovers a comet covered in symbiotic lifeforms. They bring four samples back to Earth, but one escapes and causes the ship to crash in Malaysia.

The Life Foundation recovers the other three and transports them to their research facility in San Francisco, where CEO Carlton Drake learns that the symbiotes cannot survive without oxygen-breathing hosts, which often reject the symbiosis. Investigative journalist Eddie Brock reads about Drake’s human trials in a classified document in the possession of his fiancée Anne Weying, an attorney involved in preparing a lawsuit defense for Life Foundation. Brock confronts Drake, leading to both Brock and Weying losing their jobs.

Consequently, Weying ends their relationship.